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six-word memoir, fall 2010

Sep. 22nd, 2010 | 08:20 am

Having a hard time keeping pace.

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the one place in new england i've never been

Jul. 26th, 2010 | 05:20 pm

Spent the weekend at Ellie's family's place in Newport, Rhode Island. I'd never been, despite all that time I've spent in New England. I found Newport to be, well, perhaps a rich man's version of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Did some sailing and only became mildly seasick. Went on what I thought would be a 7 mile run, but a wrong turn made it into a 12 miler. Ate delicious things like lobster, blueberry peach upside-down cake, seared duck breast, blueberry amaretto shortcake, ice cream, and massive amounts of delicious cheese. If you'd like, take a look at some photos.

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happy days are here again

Jul. 8th, 2010 | 01:10 pm

Philadelphia, for once, has outdone itself.

I'm pretty much in a full-on tizzy.

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likes company

May. 27th, 2010 | 10:54 am

If you haven't met Misery Bear yet, I suggest you introduce yourself to him.

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cake o'clock

May. 11th, 2010 | 11:25 pm

Aaron's birthday was last week. I decided that meant I had a good excuse to make the cake I'd had my eye on for the last few weeks. I found it on my new favorite food site, TasteSpotting.com, which magically culls recipes from various food blogs and sites. This recipe comes from a blog called Sugar Laws, which I'll have to keep my eye on.

Anyway, the cake baking turned into a day long event, in part because of my lack of experience and in part because I only had one cake pan (which I pilfered from work), so I had to bake the layers one at a time. I also had to make extra frosting to account for my cruddy frosting abilities. But when all was said and done, I had myself a cake, even decorated in honor of our three little pets: 

Not bad, eh? Oh. We're chocolate/peanut butter fans in our house.

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milch o'clock

Apr. 23rd, 2010 | 04:49 pm

On Monday and Tuesday, David Milch, creator of NYPD Blue, Deadwood, and John From Cincinnati will be our third and final Writers House Fellow for 2010. This will be the fifteenth Fellows visit I've coordinated and the 21st Fellows visit I've participated in. Guess you could say I've made myself a little nest in this program.

Philly, of course, has Milch Fever in anticipation of the visit. They even published an interview with Mr. Milch in the Citypaper. Fancy!

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Apr. 6th, 2010 | 08:24 am

Alice and I have worked together for almost six months now, but we'd kept a general distance from each other until yesterday, when Al handed her to me. At first, we were skeptical:

But eventually, we warmed up to each other:

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nerd alert.

Mar. 21st, 2010 | 11:10 pm

Aaron and I had the fortune of attending a Revenge of the Nerds themed party last night. We dressed to impress:

Not pictured: his bowling shoes, white socks, short pants, and "Kick me!" sign on back; my white knee socks and mary janes.

Interestingly, this is the first party I've ever attended that was busted by the Philadelphia Police. You can imagine how they reacted to the revelers' attire upon entering the apartment.

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teacher seeks pets

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 11:26 am

Check it out. They're letting me do this

English 010.302
Telling Stories: Memory in Nonfiction and Fiction
M 2:00-5:00

This interactive workshop will focus on literary non-fiction and fiction. Students will explore – through their own work and others’ – how writers use memory to create narrative. Writing experiments will be conducted to help students get a handle on how memory and language guide (and fail) the writer. Students will be encouraged to test the boundary between fiction and non-fiction as they shape stories through description, plot, character and theme.

Readings will include work by Joe Brainard, Phillip Lopate, Joan Didion, Rick Moody, Paul Auster, and others.

A large portion of class time will be spent discussing student work. Revision will be essential. Students will keep a journal for in-class and at-home writing experiments and reflections. An email listserv will be used to discuss readings and other topics. In addition to writing assignments throughout the semester, students will complete a final portfolio of approximately fifteen pages of revised work.

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weekend reading

Feb. 26th, 2010 | 03:08 pm

From "Thorow" in Singularities by Susan Howe.

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